As I write this at 7 a.m., my fingers are a little chilled. The mornings in the Grand Valley are getting very cool. The weather has been good to us so far and the days have still been creeping into the high 80s.

But Old Man Winter is fast approaching and our patience with our grapes is running out. The brix — the measurement of the sugar in the grapes — have finally started to climb above 22 and the acid is dropping down to desirable levels, so we have decided to begin harvesting in on Oct. 7.

We can harvest upwards of three tons per day, and once we start on Friday we will continue every two or three days until we have stripped the vineyard clean of berries. It’s a hard, but fun, process.

The Merlot berries and the Cabernet Sauvignon will be the first to come off and we will let the stubborn Cabernet Franc hang as l

ong as possible. These first grapes will have less sugar than the ones will pick next week, which will be perfect for our newest offering, a rose. The lower sugar level means we can get the alcohol into an easy-drinking 12 percent range.

Since we’re new to the winery business, we are extremely excited to play with a new style of wine, and can’t wait to taste our first rose in the early summer.

We will keep the journal updated as harvest progresses and will post pictures to Facebook and Twitter. Stay tuned and please ask questions.