Family buys vineyard and winery in the spring of 2009. Family has no idea what they have gotten themselves into but keeps moving forward each day. On May 3, 2009, the family heads to happy hour and notices a hail storm move through the area. Family thinks nothing of it. Family does not realize their livelihood depends on it — call it a rookie oversight in the vineyard management business. Well, the family gets home after a few hours of libation and sees all the new growth on their perfectly pruned new vineyard on the ground.

Family thinks, “uh-oh!”

This story has a happy ending, however. Later on in the year a strong crop of secondary clusters (that bloomed after the hail) develops. And you know what? The delicate, small and concentrated berries are not only beautiful to the eyes but tasty to a wine drinker.

Although considered a light crop — it only produced eight barrels — the family is happy about the final result, which is their first estate bottled red they’ve grown, harvested, crushed, blended, bottled and now sold.

Family will think twice about heading to happy hour in the spring, though.

Tasting notes: Ruby red color, dark cherries on the nose with a hint of black licorice. This Franc is well balanced, pairs well with foods and has a wonderful chocolate finish.

More details:

Mesa Park Vineyards 2009 estate bottled CabernetFranc
Grand Valley AVA
$20/bottle, 65 cases produced
14.2% Alcohol by volume, 100% Cabernet Franc

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