Last weekend was the inaugural Denver version of the Colorado WineFest. My wife, working in social media for the festival board, was an integral part in pulling it off.  There was a Governors Cup wine competition, a dinner featuring former Top Chef winner Josea Rosenberg (who I saw hugging my wife tightly in many pictures?) and the fest itself at Northfield Shopping Center.  Patty manned the Mesa Park Vineyards booth with much help from her fantastic group of friends, and did one hell of a job.  I think the day was more fun than stress, but, there’s always a turd in the punchbowl.  Organizing and planning a large event takes coordination and mutual respect from the entire team and, if not achieved, chaos and dissension may ensue.  In my humble opinion (steeped with the fact I wasn’t in attendance), they accepted the challenges and made the day the success it was.  Good job by most!

In the meantime, Chuck, Liv and I manned MPV all weekend. Luckily, Maria helped with Liv and Sandy assisted in the tasting room, freeing us up to concentrate on drinking wine. On Saturday evening we hosted a behind the winery BBQ for Keith (former JPM Chase Colleague) and his band of weary tri-athletes.  We had a great time hosting and it seemed they had a great time partying.  I gave them a vineyard tour and tutorial and Chuck schooled them on winemaking.  Thanks again Keith and everyone!

The heat has arrived full force here in the valley and the vines are the better.  Our clusters have flowered and the berries should set soon.  Our crop, fingers crossed, has come back strong!  Grapes, grapes everywhere and soon they will be wine!

How about that Rep. Weiner? What a dumb ass.  I don’t get this guy — influential job, beautiful young, pregnant wife — he intentionally bares it all using social media.  I guess dumb is the wrong word, I think egotistical fits more fluidly.  I hear today he was offered a job by Hustler Magazine at double the salary with moving expenses to Beverly Hills included.  I think he should take it, his political career is kaput.  On the other hand, if he holds out maybe he could join Sptizer’s program.  That would be a show with unending possibilities.

I’m excited for my 2nd annual Fathers Day celebration!  Congratulations to all you dad’s out there, I hope you enjoy your child as much as I!