He’s still alive?  Was the first thought bolting across my lobes when I heard the breaking news Sunday evening.  I must admit, my inclination the past decade is we were chasing a ghost, a few grainy images and falsified videos.  That was one theory.  My other scenario had him digging his toes in a Caribbean beach with a hookah in one hand and a glass of Chablis in the other, a devilish smile across his clean-shaven face, getting updates from CNN like the rest of us.  We’ve been force-fed for almost 10 years that he existed in a cold, dank cave, shooting Kalashnikov’s on a rocky hillside, constantly on the lam.

In retrospect, does any of that really sound reasonable for the son of a Saudi multi-billionaire?

Thanks for the decade of implausible assistance Pakistani Intelligence.  I’m so sure you had no idea he was living in a walled compound 31 miles from the seat of your government, just a few miles from your top military academy!  There’s been so much time, money and manpower utilized trying to locate him, can a dead body at the bottom of the sea really account for all of that?  How many soldiers have died due to lies and ineptitude?  How many innocent civilians?

By the way, nice radar system dicks.  We flew a Blackhawk right into your wheelhouse, unloaded a Seal team, infiltrated, shot him in the head and escaped with his corpse in tow completely undetected.  Just a thought, you might to upgrade to Doppler.

Here in wine country the season in upon us.  The weekends of zero, one or two customers seem to be over.  Chuck and I had tasters throughout the day on Saturday (we racked 5 barrels of wine between visits), and he and Patty had even more on Sunday.  With Brooke in Denver conducting Winefest business, we were spread thin.  Everyone seems to be recovering from the tumult of winter, and not a minute too soon.  So, come one all tasters, MPV is ready for you!

Ted Price, congratulations on the new gig!  If you need an assistant that can telecommute from Colorado to Virginia let me know.