Have humans finally pricked the boundaries of tha Sage?  A 9.0 destroys northern Japan spewing radiation around the globe, innocents are dying in the streets of Libya and Syria with no end in sight, a F4 careens off the St. Louis airport and more than 130 people were killed by violent weather in Alabama yesterday.  Fittingly, the first article I came to in the paper this week regarded the Presidents birth certificate and if in fact he is a citizen.  Why is our 24 hour news cycle so diluted with idiocy and driven by these hacks who are singularly concerned with ratings?  It’s offensive to the thinking man.  Bring it to me straight please.  Depression and self-loathing are solid, necessary emotions as much as happiness and braggadocio are.  Americans are not lobotomized creatures absent of abstract though;  they can handle reality (most of us anyway).

It has rained more consecutive days than I’ve seen here before.  The blue sky and sunshine returned yesterday, but the gloom still hangs limply in the atmosphere at MPV.  We’re long overdue for a refocusing of why we chose this business.  To steal a line from the baseball gods – Hope springs eternal!

Wednesday morning frost blanketed the valley.  Fingers-crossed while rubbing my lucky rabbit’s foot, it will be the last this season.  The cars were covered in ice, but I couldn’t find any vegetation that succumbed.   There always seems to be yet another bullet to dodge.

The Blessing of the Vines went off without a hitch.  It rained the entire day, but when you’re bequeathing positive energy to a farm, I think rain is quite fitting.

I’m hoping for good weather this weekend, I’m in need of some naturally absorbed Vitamin D.

Hey Doug at Reeder Mesa, don’t forget you’re the best damn winemaker in this valley! Much love brother.