I saw a homeless man roller skating this morning. He was feeling the flow, dancing on wheels, his Lorenzo Lamas coiffure blowing in the cool morning breeze.   A cigarette in one hand and a lollipop in the other, he wore headphones that I would like to believe were pumping disco tunes into his ears at max volume.  He was no doubt off to do what homeless people do all day (I’m not quite certain what that entails).  Before feeling remorseful and sorry for him, I had an instantaneous moment of jealousy.  Jealous because he seemed free, unencumbered by  the rigidity  and conformity of society, he could make every day what he wanted without doing anything he didn’t want.  Don’t get me wrong, it was his perceived freedom I sought, not the filthy underwear.  In the next moment I snapped back to reality and remembered that he’s homeless, begs for every dollar and meal, and lives on the fringe not knowing where he’ll sleep every night (maybe the skating rink?) and that I have a good job, lovely family and own a business.  Sometimes the strangest thing can bring focus to your day.

The guys completed the lower cab sauv this week and we’ve been working in the cab franc and merlot.  We’re trying to stay ahead of bud break, we shall measure our level of success soon enough.  With our Blessing of the Vines event coming soon, Brooke and Patty have been hard at work planning and making arrangements.  I’m certain they will pull it off without a hitch (keep your fingers crossed).  Chuck has been bottling like crazy!  We’re trying to reduce the barreled Merlot 06 and get our first vintage ready for sale.  The cab franc 09 will be on the shelves soon and we couldn’t be prouder!

I had lunch at the Palisade Cafe today and it was delicious.  Who would’ve thought you could get a great gyro in western Colorado!

Today is Friday and I’m ready for the weekend.  More pruning and bottling on the docket, as well as a community coffee to talk about The Palisade Fruit and Wine Trail. Good thing I love to do these things!