All excuses and partial truths aside. I’ve grown lazy again. Life’s gotten the better of me the last month I’m not afraid to say. New additions to the blog have plummeted down my list of priorities, coming to rest just above my defunct running habit. For almost 3 years I was a dedicated jogger clipping off up to 25 miles per week sometimes, never less than 10. Oh how the average has fallen! I write this while looking down at my newly expanding waistline, 10 pounds on the rack since October. I feel shame like a drunk who just finished a bottle of whiskey while falling off the wagon or a Biggest Loser contestant hiding from Jillian in a closet sucking bacon fat from my fingers. I’ve watched people gain weight for years and thought “How lazy, just get off your butt. I can’t believe someone could let themselves go like that, not me man.”” At least I haven’t been forced to start wearing smocks yet.  They do look comfortable and stylish though, so maybe it’s a change I could embrace.

We’ve been busy around MPV the past few weeks.  The vineyard us (pretty much) pre-pruned, and due to the warm weather, we’ve begun pruning down to bud and spur, just ahead of the coming bud break.  Chuck’s been doing tons of tractor work readying the soil for the season. We made a deal with the horse ranch down the road for fertilizer (beautiful manure) in exchange for tractor work.   Chuck’s been distributing healthy amounts at the head of rows and in our new vegetable garden. It’s been many years since the vines have been charged with nitrogen, they use 20 to 40 pounds per acre per year. I took this task upon myself. Up and  down each row, back and forth, 5 – gallon bucket in one hand and a cup in the other, each plant receiving its equal allotment.  450 lbs. total!  We also installed an irrigation system in our small orchard, flower garden and horseshoe pit.  We have one of each of a plum-tree, peach tree, cherry tree and apricot tree.   Grossly under pruned and parched season after season, we should have some great  fruit production in 2011.

Each weekend tasting room traffic becomes even steadier.  With the season nearly upon us, I hope we’re ready.  Inundated with distractions, both good and bad, has caused a delayed emerging from our closed tasting room hibernation. It will take a team effort but I think we can handle it.

I am looking forward to the weekend. I’ve got my fingers crossed for good weather so I can prune my butt off!   Brooke and Patty are pouring over at Ambelo’s Vineyards for a retirement party Sunday, good luck girls!