Emerging from the heart of darkness we are. I’m sure old man winter will bellow again, but the tilt of the axis is beginning to lean our way.

With the long rows of Merlot and the upper Cab tied and partially pruned, the crew has made consistent progress, They started the Franc yesterday and should have that block done by next week. After that, the rest of the Merlot awaits.

I’ve totally been slacking in the lower Cab. Between spending time with Liv, my job and life in general, I haven’t been working down there consistently. I was able to get out for an hour on Sunday, which allowed me to finish row 19, only 18 more to go! With longer days and warmer temps coming up, I’ll finish up by the end of March.

Chuck’s been hard at work trying to complete our new office. That’s right we are getting a brand new office! The loft above the winery has been a dusty storage corner for an untold number of years. Running out of space in the house, in conjunction with the lack of a centralized MPV office, spurred Chuck to his latest creation. He had a vision of what he wanted, sketched a design and started swinging a hammer! The walls are being insulated and dry-walled (which will significantly reduce heating and cooling costs immediately), recessed lighting installed and a 16 by 20 deck attached to the back of the barn, among many other things. It looks fantastic already!

Chuck, Brooke and Doug (from Reeder Mesa Vineyards) went skiing at Powderhorn on Monday and had a good time. With the exception of a rogue lift knocking Doug to the ground that is. I stayed home with Liv and cooked dinner for everybody. Kris came down from Reeder Mesa to join us. She brought two bottles of there 2009 vintage which was recently bottled and man they were delicious. The 09 Petit Verdot had the most beautiful coloring and tasted of raspberries on the front end, with as smooth a finish that has parted my lips in a long time. The 09 Petit Sirah was also very nice, with a deep purple color and well-balanced tannins for such a young wine. Not to mention the new Rose, de-freaking-licious. Great job Doug and Kris, hope to see you guys again soon!