It remains winter in the Grand Valley if you didn’t know.  Don’t let the 50+ degree days fool you; bitter cold can sweep in at any moment.  The wounds from last winter still frost-bitten in our minds, we couldn’t help the trepidation.

Last Tues and Wed the weather report was not good.  I heard forecasts from -5 to -15, not counting wind chill.  At least there was no relative humidity, which helps.  I spoke with growers in different areas of East Orchard Mesa and Palisade on Thursday and the lowest reported temp was -3.9.  Not ideal, but not devastating.  I took cuttings from different plots around the vineyard Thursday morning and dissected Friday evening and, luckily, green buds abound!

I’ve managed to cane prune over two rows of the lower CS and hope to knock out two more this weekend.  We hired workers this week for the first time this season (first time of many that is).  Due to the unusual circumstances throughout the various varietals, old canes, new canes, dead spurs, live spurs  and shoots from the ground still hanging around, the task looms laboriously.  However, the prospect of tending vines for at least 7 months with actual fruit on them eases the anxiety.

Brooke has a new job prospect that seems promising; potentially encompassing both her pocketbook and further MPV exposure by osmosis (isn’t free marketing the best kind).  I worked with the crew pruning Merlot yesterday, and will finish up some CS this morning in conjunction with tasting room duty this afternoon.  After that, the Jaquet’s will be over to party!  I don’t really care who wins, my Bears are out.

Here’s a shout out to Doug and Kris at Reeder Mesa.  Brooke reported that your pick up party was a blast, as usual, I’m sorry I missed it.  We drank a bottle of your new Rose and its freaking delicious!  Light, refreshing berries that give way to melon after tones.  It could be my new favorite from the RM arsenal.  Gonna drink the 2010 Riesling for the game, so I might have a new favorite by tonight!