The arc of life can change vector instantaneously, eschewing prior ideals and competencies. This change can be embraces, maligned or neglected. A sea of sines and cosines, flat on the horizon, rise and intensify the closer they get. Eventually, they either ripple lightly onto shore leaving nothing but a foamy wake or break and explode with life-altering force, eroding the once stable foundation. Change is part of everyday life at MPV; each day differing from the previous and next. Vines emerge with vigor, babies crawl, walk and talk (I suspect, in the past few weeks, Liv conjugates conversation more efficiently than we give her credit), priorities shift, relationships dynamically morph and familial duties are reorganized. The question becomes: do you handle the change with strength and fortitude or with fear and unknowing?

MPV has been unusually quiet. Since it’s only the 3 of us I guess this somehow makes sense. I pulled two days of Mr. Mom duty this week with a potpourri of Livvy-sitters. You know who you are, thanks for the help. We made it swimmingly with out Brooke for 2 days, with the slight exception of a clover escape. Patty and Chuck’s soft coated Wheaton terrier, Clover, certainly has a mind of her own. I hesitate to deem her hard-headed, but man, she has a strong personality (she fits in well with us). The only potential issue is her reluctance to respond to commands when outside, off leash. On Thursday she managed a jailbreak. Once on the loose, there is but one way to retrieve her, trickery. I was summoned around noon with the news she had escaped. By the time I was able to stop what I was doing at work , get in the car and drive home, I was sure she would be hard to find. Luckily, as I pulled into the garage she came running around the corner of the house. The fight wasn’t over however. The trick is: draw her into the car with the promise of a dog treat and long walk at Riverbend Park. Still I tried to just grab her, but she sees this as a game and jumps away. So, I hopped back into the car with a marrow  treat and in she came. Crisis averted.

On Saturday and Sunday I spent time working in the lower Cabernet Sauvignon. To the ground they went last year. We’re can pruning it back to the fruiting wire. It hasn’t been touched since before harvest last season, so I am cutting the crazy long shoots back and tying what I can. Still uncertain what canes are alive; I’m leaving all of the “spare part” shoots coming from the ground. I am trying to work this plot of vines myself (Chuch included) this season. These vines are ready for big-time production this year, I can feel it!