So, I’m not keeping up with my bi-weekly (let’s face it, I don’t even get to it weekly) commitment to this blog.  I’m trying and Brooke’s picking up the slack.  We’ve been really busy and the VINCO conference was last week.  That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. 

And what a week it was!  I was off work for the week, minus Tuesday, which was hugely beneficial.  The conference was Tuesday-Thursday, but it began Monday for me.  I attended a vineyard management seminar at the CSU Orchard Mesa research center.  Hosted by the local doctoral staff, it covered: profitability, winter cold hardiness/bud kill, insect, disease and a walking tour of the center (grapevine specific of course).  Chock full of grape growers with a few winemakers mixed in for good measure, it was an interactive group with about 1,000,000 years of collective growing experience.  By lunch it was apparent MPV could probably tweak some processes to increase efficiency.  I’m already scheming for springtime!  Don’t come too early however, we still have serious vine work between now and bud break. 

It’s just me, Brooke and Liv at MPV until Chuck and Pat return, so we became creative in regards to babysitting.  On Monday I met a like-minded winemaker & viticulturist from New Mexico and invited him over for wine tasting.  Luckily, Jeremiah accepted and brought his girlfriend Sarah (my apologies if I misspelled your name, there are like 6 ways to spell it) along.  Always one for wine and conversation, I knew Brooke would be down.  They were able to taste our wines and tour the facilities and a good time was had by all.  As everyone that’s fortunate enough to meet her does, they instantly fell in love with the Liv.  With the help of Sarah, Brooke and I were able to attend many of the workshops and lectures we intended.  Karma is a unique apparatus, I find myself increasingly trusting it the wiser I become. 

Brooke focused on sales, social media and marketing seminars.  She’s so immersed in the Colorado wine scene it’s quite astounding.  Twitter, Facebook, blogs, email, you name it she’s into it.  Brooke’s definitely the face of MPV across most lines of business and we wouldn’t have striven this far without her.  Keep up the great work baby; we have shitloads of wine to sell!

Yet another bout of virus settled on me Friday.  I don’t get it?  I lived in Denver amongst 4,000,000 people for 8 years and nary an illness.  I moved to the Grand Valley in October and boom, sickness two already.  Everyone I come across lately seems sick or still recovering, is that weird or what?  I’ve formulated a theory that the winter inversion is holding the bacteria and virus down, infecting us over and over.  Granted, I’m not a doctor, but I do play one on TV:)

Saturday was slow, only one group of tasters.  They were a lively trio of ladies from the Ft. Collins area in town for a girls weekend.  We need more groups coming from the Front Range.  I lived in Denver for 5 years before I knew we had wineries in Colorado and Google helped me ascertain that.  Once I got to the Valley, I was totally hooked (I bought a business and moved here for God’s sake!).  How about this scenario: come over from Denver (SLC maybe?) for the weekend, patron our hotels, drink and buy wine, eat at our restaurants, then wake on Sunday and head back to the city.  Just a thought.

On Sunday the Caspari’s came to dinner and we had a wonderful time.  Liv made new friends, Yannika and Ennis, and the adults enjoyed a nice MPV ’03 Merlot.  She’s held up just fine, let me tell you.