January 19th 2011

I attended a workshop this morning at the Grand Junction Two Rivers Convention Center today with Rick Bakas.

I was encouraged to share some of what I learned during the session. This is my attempt….It was extremely helpful for me, but I am an eternal optimist. I would love to share with you the insight that I can….

Rick’s story over the past several years is, he based in Boulder landed a social media job with St. Supery in Napa, worked to great succes with them and has now entered the “epic” building a media empire phase. He told me today he will be travelling all over the world in the next six months, giving lectures like today to winemakers’ communities worldwide. Very cool, if you ask me. I on the other hand am learning how to build my business and our brand one person at a time.

First, we talked about how the internet  has evolved since 2000. If you look at those sites from 2000, the pages were not taking anyone anywhere. It was pretty static and flat. Now, we have a world of interwoven networks and options that people are navigating….Use what works for you. People still want personal service, something that companies like Zappos, gets.

We looked at the Conversation Prism; which illustrates the extent and pervasivess of the platforms and social media sites.

Rick asks us to simply put, do two things:

Humanize Your Brand


Build Trust

This is what people are interested in and what engages them. Really, we must ask ourselves, what do we want of socail media? Also that you can expand your reach by collaborating with other business. Also, Rick showed several different websites/businesses that can help you organize your social media efforts…flowtown.com and foursquare.com he also shared his websites: rickbakas.com and bakasmedia.com

Some other tidbits were to self promote once to every 10 times you share other types of information that educate, and be a conduit, share information that you find that may be helpful to your followers. You don’t have create everything that you post.

Here is my unsolicited advice to Colorado Wineries or Winemaker’s or other parts of our Industry:

1. Get a Facebook Page

2. Use Your Facebook Page: engage, use your Personal profile and your Business profile to cross market your friends and family.

3. “Like” other Colorado Wineries and your friends in the Industry and beyond. Tag them in posts, like them, like their posts etc.

4. If you use twitter you can use our #colwine tag for posts related to our Industry.

5. Please call or email me if you need help or have questions or respond to this post and let’s continue to discuss.

Rick’s Powerpoint is attached to this post. Rick\’s PPT

Cheers, Brooke Webb 303-918-7281