The holiday season has arrived yet again.  This time however, it really snuck up on us.  Last night Brooke and I attended my company holiday party, which seemed, well, too early.   Like the season couldn’t quite make it here until the parties began. 

Since my last post MPV has remained vibrant.  Even though a thick, icy frost lays across the valley each morning, motivation hasn’t waned.  Chuck’s latest project is a much-needed MPV sign.  For the last two seasons we’ve sufficed with a small, nondescript sign hung on a Cab Sav endpost at the bottom of the driveway.  Luckily, we have a resident engineer on staff(he’s also our president, winemaker and all around chief) with formulated ideas and the skill to translate those to a finished product.  He manufactured the representative barn cutout’s, buried the posts perfectly equidistant, lacquered and painted the wood and hung the thing.  The finished product is perfect, better than anything we might purchase.  If you might live close, drive by and check out the craftsmanship!

Today we’re celebrating Greg’s 30th birthday.  What a guy he is, let me tell you.  He gives himself no credit, so I will take the reins.  He has virtually donated the last two years of his life to the propagation of MPV.  His work has been crucial to our success and we couldn’t be more proud of him.  So today Gregory, we salute you.  Never forget we all support you to the fullest.  Your potential knows no bounds, the harnessed proliferation of your future awaits!

I’ve been addicted to pickn’ up rocks.  Yes, that’s right, rocks.  Ambelos Vineyards next door gave us a trailer for our atv and I cannot resist hooking that bad boy up and touching the four corners of MPV.  I follow the furrowed tracks of Chuck’s tractor work and pick up the unearthed stones.  It’s not for naught I tell you.  We’ve been lining an eroding irrigation ditch to shore the sides.

All the ladies avoided the first wave of the flu bug and we couldn’t be more thankful.  Liv is almost walking these days, its only a matter of time until are chasing her around this entire farm. 

Christmas is almost here and I’ve got my fingers crossed for a pair of Tony Lama’s(Brooke are you listening?)

It’s still all good in the 81526.