Tuesday morning the flu bug snuck undetected into MPV.  I awoke to a watery mouth and acidic stomach and the day only spiraled from there.  By the time I realized functionality was unattainable, I decided to leave work at 12.  Not the easiest thing for me, I haven’t called in sick to work in 8 years.  I was on my back in bed all day Tues.   A 24-hour flu it was, for I was ready to go Wednesday.   Unfortunately Chuck was after me with Greg after him.  The female’s at our house have, so far, been spared.

I was able to work in the vines on Saturday, which is always enjoyable.  The blustery and chilly morning heeded, and gave way to sunny, blue skies.  The upper Cab Sauv row 22 is where I chose to dive in.  It’s a challenging task, since we’re attempting to remove old, dead wood and tie replacement canes to the fruiting wire all at once.  I made it about 1/3 of a row, which isn’t very far. 

Today a westerly blow has displaced the warmth of yesterday.  It’s arriving in bands of dark gray clouds, separated by punctuations of sunshine.  The storm is beginning to catch up however, and the space between bands has diminished to almost nothing.  We’re all hunkered down for the evening.

Thanksgiving will be here in a few days and we can all begin to count our blessings.

Before I forget, I want to say thanks to Neil and Ambelos Vineyards for the new trailer! 

As always, good times.