It’s been a couple of weeks since I felt inspired.  Just kidding, I’m plenty inspired but oft lazy. 

Everyone arrived from Palm Springs safe and sound.  Unfortunately, Chuck and I swooped in 15 minutes late, which wasn’t the best welcome to 4 weary travelers.  I’m not good at keeping time on the weekend.  Sorry guys.

The weather has finally succumbed to chilly winds and parachuting leaves.  Greg worked his ass off for no less than 7 straight days and still the bastards fell.  The vicious cycle of: leaf blowing, raking, mowing, dumping and tractor mulching!  He finally got the best of them yesterday.  Way to go Greg!

Brooke just got back from SLC on business, Pat went along for the ride.  Three men and a little lady it was!  Luckily, Liv is super-chill and causes no fret.  Her vocabulary is rapidly multiplying.  Each day the garbled baby-talk gives way to literate speech.  My potty mouth is in need of a quick cleanse.

Ken, Lisa & Noah came over from Denver last weekend.  It was nice to see them and hang out on the farm for a few days.  We were able to visit Peach Street Distillery in Palisade on Saturday and had a great time.  Kind of like a winery, except the tanks belched steam and produced awesome spirits.  I couldn’t resist a Bloody Mary, they make the best in town for sure.  From the pepper to the okra, I am in love.  Not to mention the Vodka, so clean and easy on the palate I had to bring a bottle home for further inspection.  Thanks for your hospitality Anthony.  We had a houseful for dinner on Saturday night, just the way we like it.

The weekend is here and I’m excited to work on the farm.  We’ll work outside until we cower to the cold, then Paul should be here to install the heater.  We are finally getting some real BTU’s in the winery.  No more worrying about frozen pipes and dangerous space heaters.

Maybe I can talk my wife in to taking me out for a drink tomorrow night.  You can’t blame a guy for trying.

Still good times.    

Oh by the way, it frosts almost every night now.