Sometimes there are events in life that make you ponder.  Have I done enough for my fellow-man?  Have I loved enough?  Have I matriculated love into the world, or have I purged?  Mesa Park has suffered a recent loss that has us all re-evaluating.  Anytime I doubt the fact that we live in a universe that bonds and merges, I look at my daughter.  Energy is never lost, it flows harmoniously.

I feel that she has somehow benefited, she has taken the displaced energy of her legacy and will propagate that to the future.  A few minutes ago I slowly crept into her room to give her a check.  She lay there, quietly sleeping on her side, crammed against the corner of the crib as usual.  I covered her in her favorite blanket, and couldn’t help but think how lucky we are all.  I’m so grateful all four of these powerful women, certainly all cut from the same cloth, could be together as one if only for a short time.

Tonight our hearts are with Pat, we love you.