In anticipation of the 2:05 Broncos kickoff, things got started early at MPV today.  By the time I awoke Chuck had been to the winery to check things, rearranged our packed garage and Liv had eaten breakfast.  My first task was to address the porous barrels.

I took to the hose and started the swelling process yet again.  Upon further investigation, one of the barrels has a busted stave on the endcap and might have to be repaired and the other holds fluid about as good as cheese grater might.  Luckily we have options!

After playing with the smartest baby on the planet and getting her to submit to a morning nap, I headed back to the winery to assist Chuck and Brooke.  They were finishing preparations on our first attempt at port and were ready to innoculate the Petit Verdot. 

The Petit is being held in one of our closed top tanks(the one we’ve never used before).  As Brooke atempered the yeast and must, Chuck configured the pump.  When everything was ready I climbed the ladder and they handed me a 5-gallon bucket.  I dumped the yeast concoction, then the second bucket full, then recovered the top. 

The Lodi Cab Sav in our open-top tank has really taken off.  The Brix is down to 20 from 26 two days ago and the temperature is steadily increasing.  We should see lots of action in the next few days.

Didn’t make it to the Reeder Mesa party(happy b-day Chris!), I stayed behind to run the tasting room and hang with Liv.  We made cabbage soup together!

Good luck on Monday everybody.