I took a jog at Corn Lake this morning and it was fantastic!  Nice cool temps and no other people.  Lily was able to run off leash and could feel free for a while.  Man did I need to sweat it out today! 

When I got back home, Chuck and I seperated the irrigation pipe behind the Cab Sav and Franc so he could mow each row.  Since the canal will probably be shut off any day, we piled the pipes for winter.  While Chuck was mowing, I went to the winery and started the days activities in there.  My first project was to renew our fight to swell 2 barrels.

We bought some slightly used barrels a few weeks ago and have been trying our hardest to get them wine tight.  Every time we fill them with water, a new spout forms somewhere.  I made it my mission today to work these things until they swelled like a cheddar brat that’s been cooking too long!  So every hour or so I made my way behind the barn and sprayed these things again and again.  I did make some head-way, they are certainly leaking less.  Looks like tomorrow will be another day swelling barrels!

We punched down the fermenting wine and then Neil and John came over for a lunchtime BBQ.  That was followed by a shit-talking game of horseshoes(I’m happy to report that Chuck and I put the beat down on Neil and Greg, maybe next time fellas). 

We’ve been living the High Life(Miller) this evening and have one more set of punchdown’s to perform, then its bedtime.  Looking forward to a BBQ at Reeder Mesa tomorrow!