Just when I thought we had crushed all we could, I arrived home last night to 2 tons of freshly picked Colorado Petit Verdot sitting in front of the barn.  The berries were a deep purple, almost black, much darker than the other varietals we smashed.  Chuck and Greg were in the winery sterilizing one of our 3,000 liter tanks.  Trepidation abounded you see, we hadn’t ever used this tank before.  So after spending an hour with the beautiful Livvy, I wandered to the barn to see if I could help. 

We pumped citric acid through the pump-over port, which sprayed through a holed ball completely covering every square inch of the vessel.  We then repeatedly rinsed the tank with filtered water through every usable port.  Sufficiently sterile, we sealed it for the night.

Earlier in the day Chuck and Brooke added the atempered yeast and nutrients to the Lodi Cab Sav and Merlot we crushed Saturday and Monday.  We measured the temperature and Brix recordings and things were moving along as planned. 

As I slaved away at my corporate gig, the entire group, including Neil and some other workers, helped the crush process succeed yet again.  I gotta say, Chuck has really worked his ass off getting this place where it needs to be, all hats off to him!

Through troughs and peaks we have certainly ridden the wave.  The final piece of our familial puzzle dropped into place when Brooke, Olivia and I were finally able to move here.  Good times!