Brooke, Olivia(the baby), Lily(the dog) and I arrived last night.  We have finally completed the move from Denver and are ready to get settled in before I start my new job on Tues.  We unloaded the jam-packed U-Haul and soon enough the adventure began!

Our arrival just happened to coincide with the 2010 crush.  We’ve been forced to purchase grapes this year from Lodi for reasons that are too painful to discuss.  Our grapes will be back next year however!

Chuck and I brought 2 tons of Cabernet Sauvignon home from the refrigerated facility this morning at 8.  The sun was up, the sky blue, the cold of the desert night waning and heeding to UV’s.  As we scooped shovel loads of Cab Sav into the crusher, it spun and whirred the must through hoses and into the waiting vessel.  After 3 hours, we had successfully completed the operation.  We used dry ice to force the must into a state of cold stabilization before we add yeast tomorrow and begin primary fermentation.  This will coincide with crushing of 2 more tons of Merlot.  What a crazy first full day of our new lives!  Looking forward to getting back into it tomorrow.  I had scripted a much more eloquent post this evening, but accidentally erased it before posting.  Maybe I’ll be more interesting tomorrow.