Every now and again we are prone to drinking martini’s.  Up, down, shaken or stirred matters not.  We’ve been drinking a nice Russian variety recently, the Russian Standard from St Pete’s.   However, when sent on a mission to restock the Vodka supply, I made an impulse decision and decided to follow my own mantra, sit back, drink local & enjoy.  I somehow stumbled upon a local flavor, Bohica Vodka. 

It’s made down in Larkspur with Colorado grown beets.  I was told that it had,”a moonshine-like quality”, but didn’t really remember what that tasted of.  Then I took the first tentative sip and immediately entered a vacuum.  I was suddenly huddled in the back of a filthy Chevrolet pickup again.  We were flying down a dusty gravel road and sipping homemade moonshine from a tarnished Mason jar.   It was sort of grainy and strong, unique and tasted homemade.  Probably not the best booze for martini’s, it’s too assertive and overpowering.  We shall see how it tastes in my Bloody tomorrow morning.  –